Frequently Asked Questions

  • We don’t have any plans on expanding outside of Africa for now. If we’re successful, we’d rather see people start their own record labels in their community or state based on our model.

  • We are looking for songwriters and bands that have not had the chance to record in a studio yet. Maybe you’re just recording some songs on your phone or webcam, or you’ve played some house shows or open mic nights. If you have just one or two songs, or an EP or album worth of material we can work with you.

    There’s no shortcut to success, but we can help you produce a professional sounding record (with a full band recording, even if you’re a solo singer/songwriter) and provide you with career guidance and mentoring from industry pros, along with distributing your music.

    We want artists who know they aren’t perfect but are willing to put in an effort, learn and be mentored, and build confidence.

  • We are open to all styles of music and will approach it on an artist by artist basis. Our goal is to work on building a community via music so if you play well with others and have an open mind about working and networking with artists outside your own genre then you’ll be a good fit.

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